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Knecht in her breast reconstruction surgery. "A patient has the right to know if his or her surgeon intends to implant devices that were the subject of a clinical study," explained Vaage.  "There's just no scientific proof/clinical evidence that this SERI surgical scaffold, which is derived from silk, is safe to use in breast reconstruction surgery.  Dr. Lehfeldt knew that; Allergan knew that.  Unfortunately, Ms. Knecht did not." During the case, Vaage discovered that Dr. Lehfeldt was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Allergan to market/promote and research SERI. He was Allergan's #1 SERI consultant and held stock in Allergan. Virtually all of the work that Dr. Lehfeldt performed for Allergan was related to SERI, including a clinical study to test the use of SERI and Natrelle in breast reconstruction surgery. Mrs. Knecht alleged that the SERI and Natrelle expanders failed and caused her injuries and disfigurement that required three additional surgeries to remove these Allergan products and repair the damage.  She ultimately settled her case with Dr. Lehfeldt for his insurance policy limit of $1,000,000.  Allergan settled all claims for a confidential amount. This most recent settlement with a surgeon and device manufacturer is Vaage's fourth verdict or settlement for a client stemming from allegations that the medical device manufacturer fraudulently conspired with a physician to gain patient consent to undergo experimental surgical procedures. Robert F. Vaage is a trial attorney in San Diego, California.  He has represented patients in fraud and conspiracy cases involving physicians and medical device manufacturers.

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