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Former Gary Community School Corp. Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt speaks before the Distressed Unit Appeal Board on May 15, 2017. Former Gary Community School Corp. Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt has begun paying back the $30,000 bonus awarded by the Gary School Board in 2016. Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill's office announced the settlement Tuesday. Pruitt made a $20,000 payment by a March 30 deadline and must make a final $10,000 payment by April 30. If she fails to make the payment, a penalty of $10,000 would be assessed, according to the agreement. The State Board of Accounts cited the bonus payment in a special audit released last year. SBOA officials said Pruitt's 2012 contract referenced a "growth incentive plan and bonus," but no plan was outlined and no dollar amount for a bonus was listed in the contract.

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